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About Tyre Shop Online

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Tyre Shop Online is a small family business with a focus on providing a safe, secure and reliable way of buying tyres from the comfort of your own home.

The company was born out of our experience of trying to buy quality, affordable tyres for our own 4x4 vehicles and the bulk of our range is focused in this area, with a smaller range of car, truck and performance tyres.

The tyre brands that we sell have been carefully researched and selected as those that we believe to be of good quality as well as representing value for money to you, the consumer.

We do not offer any budget tyres for the simple reason that driving safety is very important to us and we believe that quality tyres are the best insurance you can buy.

Your satisfaction with our service is our highest priority so if you have any feedback regarding your experience in using our website, buying our tyres or having them fitted please contact us.

Happy shopping and safe motoring.

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