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  1. Buying Replacement Tyres Of the Same Size
    1. tyre size info Read the numbers on the tyres on your car. They will go something like this 185/70 R14 or 185/70/14. Or they may be in inches eg. 30x9.5x15 or 30/9.5/15 or 30x9.5 R15. We suggest you write it down.
    2. Firstly; in the case of 185/70/14, (185)mm is the width of the tyre, (70)% is the height or diameter ratio, and the last (14) is the diameter of the rim that the tyre fits (always in inches).
    3. Secondly; say 30x9.5x15. The first number (30) is the diameter or height of the tyre in inches, 9.5 is the width in inches and lastly, 15 inches is the wheel size or diameter of wheel that the tyre fits.
    4. Go to 'find my tyre' at left screen and select your numbers you have written down, in the same order, but from top to bottom. click on 'search'.
    5. Select the size and style of tyre by matching the size you have already on your car to one of ours. Visit the brands pages to find out more information.
    6. Fill out your details and deposit money to our account, your tyres will be delivered to your stated address, usually overnight in the North Island and over 2 nights in the South Island (from the time that your money comes through).
    7. Pop down to your local tyre shop to have your new tyres fitted and balanced. We are interested in compiling a list of recommended tyre fitters and balancers, please contact us with your experience with this.
  2. Buying Replacement Tyres Of A Different Size
    1. If you wish to go to a larger size tyre there may be some factors to take into consideration:
      1. the rims need to be wide enough to take the increase in width (most rims will handle the increase of one or maybe two sizes larger). You may want to check our links to manufacturers web sites to be sure. New rims may also need to be purchased to accommodate a big size increase.
      2. you’ll need to be sure that the larger tyres won’t rub on guards or suspension components. One way to do this is calculate the increase eg. 30x9.5x15 replaced by 33x12.5x15 is 3 inches wider total and 3 inches taller. Half that is added to each side and top and bottom of your tyres travel when fitted. So turn the steering wheel one way and check if it would hit anything under your car or rub on the guard. There needs to be a little more than 1.5inches clearance to fit the larger size. OK, now check on other extreme lock, OK? Now park vehicle in such a way that the suspension is fully extended on front and back, run the same checks again, OK? Then most likely will be a good fit to go to a larger tyre.
      3. we suggest you visit chat sites and ask other similar vehicle users or contact a 4x4 club near you, they are usually more than happy to advise fellow SUV/4x4 owners. Click on 4x4 clubs for a list of clubs and contacts.
    2. Select and purchase desired tyres.
    3. Enjoy your driving experience.
  3. Buying Replacement Tyres Not Listed In Our Catalogue

    If you are seeking to purchase a tyre size or style that is listed on the manufacturer’s own website (of the brands that we sell) but is not listed in our catalogue, it is possible that we can order it for you on indent. Contact us via request a tyre and we will get back to you with a quote and time frame. Tyres that are requested often, may then become part of our standard catalogue.

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