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Bursting the Bubble

Common myths and misunderstandings!

  1. The more money I spend the better the tyre (or, you get what you pay for).

    No, not necessarily true!

    Many of the more recent brands on the market are just as good if not better than the brands that have traditionally been known as the ‘best’ tyres. Consumers will often pay a lot more for these ‘traditional’ brands as they are convinced that the tyres offer advantages that no others can.

    TyreShopOnline have chosen tyre brands that offer great handling, performance and wear characteristics, while also offering value and affordability, without compromising quality.
  2. I mainly drive around town and drive carefully so a budget tyre is fine for me!

    In the interests of your safety and the safety of others who are using the road or even pedestrians, we believe that ‘budget’ tyres are not a good option. No matter how safely you may think you drive, circumstances often occur where you need to be able to rely on the grip and handling ability of the tyres on your vehicle to keep you or others safe.

    You may need to stop suddenly or accidentally take a corner a little faster than expected. Budget tyres can offer poor grip and inferior handing ability in difficult situations.

    Apart from these safety concerns, cost cutting in producing the compound used to make budget tyres means that the tyres will probably wear out much faster and will therefore not save you money in the long run.

    Even worse than the above, budget tyres have created unhealthy competition, forcing many quality tyre makers to also produce a line of budget tyres. The brand of your tyre does not therefore necessarily mean that it is top quality, represents value for money or is safe.
  3. Tyres with a larger diameter and width are not worth it because they are dearer.

    Again, not necessarily true - maybe true for the most timid driver, but more rubber on the road means more grip, better handling and better tyre wear.

    In our experience many vehicles come out with tyres that are too small for their weight and for optimum safety, especially on larger vehicles that are heavier and can also carry heavy loads.

    In the interests of safety, handling and value for money we recommend that you purchase the widest tyres your vehicle and rims can handle. If the compound is good quality, the more rubber on the road equals better grip and longer life.
  4. Tyre fitters don’t like to fit tyres they don’t sell!

    Many tyre fitters are quite happy to fit tyres they haven’t sold you.

    The best thing to do is ring around as prices vary a lot. Look for someone who will do it for a good price and no questions asked.

    TyreShopOnline are compiling a list of tyre fitters and balancers nationwide who we can recommend to our customers. If you have a good experience please let us know who, where and how much.
  5. Internet tyre sales are going to ruin tyre dealers!

    While the internet is a growing industry, the number of cars in the world and production of tyres is also increasing. We believe that internet sales will be a small but significant portion of industry growth that will grow alongside, not instead of, physical shops, as most customers with runabouts are happy to go down to their local shop, order tyres and have them fitted.

    There is a growing group who do like to shop on the internet and it is these people, who like to research their purchase and order online, receive a delivery and arrange fitting and balancing, that will save money for their efforts. The savings increase as the size of the vehicle increases. The most savings will be on tyres for the large SUV’s and 4x4’s.

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