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  • Enjoy 5 – 15% more fuel economy
  • Cleaner burn – more efficient
  • Less pollution and emissions

1 tablet treats 60 litres

Just $46 (incl gst) for a pack of 10. Order more and save even more.

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It’s easy to cut your fuel costs with Enviro-Tab

  • Handy tablet proven to give 5 – 15% more fuel economy
  • De-clogs fuel particles for a cleaner burn with less pollution
  • Increases horsepower and torque, protects and cleans your engine
  • Isolates water in the tank to combat the Diesel Bug
  • Stabilises fuel for easy starting and winter conditions

"We found this product after a sustained search for a permanent solution to diesel bug. We have a small farm and have many diesel engines, as a result of this we store fuel on the farm, which hasn't been a problem till wham !! we got diesel bug. I didn't think we would be susceptible to this as I always used an additive, namely moreys smoke killer, but this was not enough to stop most of my vehicles becoming unusable. I got sick of cleaning out fuel tanks and changing filters as well as having machines just stop working. Then someone suggested we try enviro-tabs, so I ordered some online and what a miracle, as soon as I started using this product my problems were over, and the bug has not returned. This alone made me want to promote this product let alone the huge savings in our fuel bill !! I especially recommend this product to all late model diesel engined cars with common rail motors. There's a huge risk of major motor damage caused by the abrasive nature of the byproduct of the bug, it can literally ruin a good motor. this product should be used in everything though, to clean up fumes, lube up seals and pumps, save on injector pump and injector wear, get more horsepower and best of all save on fuel."

Steve Bell, Tyreshop Online

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Fuel efficiency made easy

The fumes at a gas station are the smell of your fuel quality declining. Butane and methane are added in the final stages of fuel production. They separate the fuel particles so they burn more cleanly. But they evaporate fast into the air, during delivery and at the gas station, where you can smell them. Fuel with less butane and methane has clogged particles that don’t burn so well.

Developed and manufactured in NZ, the Enviro-Tab works by replicating the job of butane and methane. The handy tablet dissolves in your fuel tank, de-clogging the fuel particles for a cleaner burn with less pollution and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Enviro-Tab has been proven to increase fuel economy by 5 to 15% and is safe for use with petrol or diesel vehicles, in 2- and 4- stroke engines.

Besides fuel efficiency, other advantages of adding Enviro-Tab to your car, truck or boat’s fuel tank include:

  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Extended engine life due to reduced sulfuric acid
  • Improved lubrication of fuel pumps and engine seals
  • Removal of varnish and glazing for a cleaner system
  • Cleaner compression and oil rings
  • Reduced oil contamination for longer service cycles
  • Cuts petrol vehicle emissions by up to 70% and diesel vehicle emissions by up to 50%

Enviro-Tab pays for itself in reduced fuel consumption, improves engine performance and helps the environment.

It is fully compliant with the Fuel Specification Regulations (2008) so safe to use with vehicles under warranty.

Just $46 (incl gst) for a pack of 10. Order more and save even more!

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