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About Altenzo

Altenzo Altenzo tyres pride themselves on quality, comfort and competitive pricing. In order to provide the best to their customers, Altenzo enforces the highest manufacturing standards to all their products to ensure safety, driving comfort, handling, performance and environmental friendliness.

Made with a compound with added Silica, Altenzo uses technology from all the high end tyre manufacturers and provides the consumer with a product that is affordable and durable.

Our Experience

We have had access to these tyres for some time and though well made, they have tended to let go a bit under wet conditions, during extreme cornering and braking.

The manufacturer has shown their willingness to be open to customer feedback by going to great lengths to remedy this problem and re-engineer their tyre compounds which has improved the wet performance enormously.

We are now happy to sell these tyres – they are great for anyone looking for a better than average quality, budget priced tyre.