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About BlackLion

Blacklion brand tyres are made by Jinyu, part of the Sailun Corporation. Sailun has engineers, research and test facilities worldwide including North America, and are dedicated to manufacturing and producing tyres of high quality, with Blacklion being their premium range.

Made in China, their research and development together with state of the art manufacturing facilities has resulted in the production of very well made tyres and Blacklion are the pinnacle of value for money, long lasting, superb performing tyres in the mid price bracket.

Our Experience

I heard of these tyres through discussion with customers and other retailers who I trust and they all gave them excellent reviews.

This prompted me to look into it further and from my research into the brand I decided these are definitely a tyre that fits our company profile of only selling Quality Affordable Tyres.

We are pleased to be able to offer you these tyres in several popular sizes and can recommend that you try them!