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About Deestone

Deestone Deestone is a group of companies, that include, Deestone co. ltd, Deerubber co. ltd, Deestone international, and Svizz-one cooperation ltd. Together employing around 5400 staff, Deestone began in 1982 from humble beginnings, and has built up a solid enterprise based on producing quality value for money products. Based in thailand, Deestone has been able to gain a market edge with the sourceing of locally produced malaysian rubber and a low cost workforce, while maintaining a high standard of production quality.

Quality Assurance

Deestone tyres pass all international safety and quality standards and are now exporting to over 90 countries. All tyres are quality tested before leaving the plant and are guaranteed against manufacturing faults for 3 years. Deestone tyres have received numerous awards for quality performance and innovation.

Our Experience

We have been selling Deestone tyres for quite some time now through our 'contact us' and 'request a tyre' pages and have had many happy customers. We have now decided to make them a regular stocked item and are now bulk buying the popular well made atv and traditional landrover tyres. These tyres definitely fit into our TSO criteria, of value for money!