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About Freepasser

Free Passer The FREE PASSER brand is owned and developed by CARRY TIRE, a Florida based company with over 20 years of experience in tyre sales and export. They ship worldwide and are one of the largest tire exporters to South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Specializing in many types of tyres, which range from 4’’ Wheel Barrow, Performance and UHP passenger, Light Truck Radials, Medium Truck Radials, Agricultural, Industrial, OTR, ATV, Specialty through 51” Radial Off the Road tires.

FREE PASSER TYRES were developed and produced to suit this american market and are spec'd to perform to these srandards expected in these regions, with traditional solid block white lettering, exceptional offroad performance while maintaining very good onroad performance and acheiving high k's per dollar.

The tyres are proudly made in china on contract to strict specifications to keep the price down while maintaining high levels of quality and case durability.

Our Experience

At first we are very impressed with the finish, look, and pattern of these tyres but were sceptical regarding on road performance, after fitting to our test truck and doing some long road trips, and off road excursions, we can give the following review;

On Road: The FREE PASSER'S are surprisingly quiet for aggressive mud tyres, especially at motorway speeds, a little noisier at around 40-50 kph. but tracking and cornering accuracy is excellent, we could not discern a difference here between a premium AT and these MT's in this area. Excellent braking grip especially in the wet, and they do not wander at all !!!

Off Road: We found them to be very good in softer material, like sand and i imagine snow, or soft river shingle, though we didn't try them in these terrains. Wet grass and side slope excellent.

Mud: Excellent self cleaning and digging, great traction in muddy ruts with aggressive side lugs.

Shingle roads: Good performance but pick up stones a bit and throw them around, due to steep edge on lug's. However this type of pattern will retain mud / wet grass performance better as tread wears down. With 15mm of tread and blocks that wrap half way round the tyres we felt they are good value for money and a lot of tyre for the dollar. We cannot yet vouch for the longevity of them yet, but after 7000 k's they certainly look like they will do very high k's per dollar.

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