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About Goodride

Goodride tyres Goodride tyres are made by the Hangzhou Zhonghce Rubber Co. one of the largest and arguably highest quality tyre manufacturers in China. Producing a yearly turnout of around 16 million tyres.

Hangzhou also make Westlake, Chaoyang, and Yarta tyres, as well as tyres on contract to some familiar tyre brands available in NZ, making car, truck, light truck, SUV, performance, and 4x4 tyres of high durability and good quality.

Backed by a manufacturers customer satisfaction guarantee, Goodride tyres are made in a state of the art facility, earning several awards including recognition from agencies like the U.S. Department of transportation [DOT], Economic Commission of Europe [ECE].

Our Experience

We have not used these tyres on any of our vehicles, so with much research and investigation have decided to list Goodride tyres.

We analysed customer generated reviews worldwide and one of the largest review sites ranked these tyres at an overall average of 3 out of five, from nearly 7000 reviews submitted. Interestingly the same ranking Dunlop received, with Silverstone and Nexen getting 3.5 out of five, Kumho 4. It appears that although these are budget priced tyres, they are not budget quality.

We also found that all brands and tyres received some bad reviews and we can only emphasize; select tyres carefully,bearing in mind driving requirements and conditions you expect to drive in. Rotate tyres every 10-15,000ks. Tyres are best fitted in sets of four, or in pairs with new ones on the front. Check wheel alignment when fitting new tyres. this way you will get the best value from your tyres.

Happy driving from the team at Tyre Shop Online.