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About Hercules

Hercules Here is an excerpt from an article in Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off Road magazine (Feb 2012):

"After about 50 miles of driving on all types of surfaces, the Trail Digger M/Ts were still in great shape. The tread exhibited no signs of chipping or chunking, or of spinning scrapes. Also we had no sidewall damage. The tires looked virtually brand-new after two days of testing in Moab, in all conditions, some of which was extreme-duty, by experts and novices alike. This initial rough treatment can be considered an indication of how well the tires will wear over time. We estimate that these tires will provide miles of great performance on street and trail for any user."


Our Experience

Well – what can we say...!

Made by COOPER TYRES to compete with the ever popular BFG’s in quality and performance – but BETTER – look at the prices!

For made in USA, very high kilometre tyres, you won’t buy better value for money.

These are extremely robust, well made tyres – two words – FN AWSUM!