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About Nexen

Nexen tyres Nexen first began producing car tyres in 1956 and are committed to producing premium quality products.

Manufactured in Korea, Nexen’s domestic market share has now reached a staggering 20%.

After 54 years in operation, and as more and more people are putting their trust in these quality tyres, annual sales now exceed $600 million US Dollars with distribution to over 120 countries.

Nexen has approximately 2000 employees and are dedicated to producing a superior and safe product.

Some top quality vehicle manufacturers now supply their cars with nexen tyres fitted.

Our Experience

Nexen tyres We chose to sell Nexen because these top quality tyres are relatively new to the NZ market.

These great tyres are better known and have become more and more popular overseas, and we felt it was about time they were more available in NZ.

They are up there with the best U.S. and European tyres. Nexen really know how to make premium tyres yet also make them very affordable compared quality with quality with other brands prices. Nexen tyres then are definitely great value for money. Nexen excel in car, SUV, low profile and performance tyres. We know you’ll love them.