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About Silverstone

silverstone Silverstone high performance tyres are manufactured in Malaysia and are a high quality product.

Silverstone Berhad, in the relatively short span of a decade, have emerged as a global tyre manufacturer exporting to more than 60 countries.

Silverstone’s success began in 1989, with a linear manufacturing plant and comprehensive after manufacturing test instruments and machines, ensuring tyres adhere to the highest degree of quality and give superior performance.

Silverstone compounds are developed to provide excellent grip in the wet, and good wear characteristics.

Silverstone has excelled in the manufacture of its passenger car, high performance, 4x4 and extreme 4x4 tyres, producing tyres that you can rely on.

Our Experience

We chose this brand to sell as we are 4x4 enthusiasts, and we were looking for 4x4 tyres that provide excellent quality and are reasonably priced.

Silverstone tyres are definitely reasonably priced, they also perform as well or better than any other tyre we’ve tried and have impressed us with their incredible grip on and off road, their long life and even wearing characteristics.

We run the AT117 on our family Landcruiser and our farm truck is fitted with the MT117 Ex tyres. Both have proven themselves to us as great value for money tyres, safe on wet roads and excellent off.

We feel very comfortable recommending these tyres for your 4x4 or SUV and have also had excellent feedback from customers and friends who have fitted Silverstone car tyres.