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About TradeRacks

Trade racks TradeRacks are quality roof racks designed specifically for the trade market and are very popular with plumbers, builders and electricians. Each bar is individually assembled and being fully welded then zinc plated they are tough and hard working. Each bar has a load rating of 150kg.

Trade Rack’s consist of 1 ‘inner’ and 1 ‘outer’ per unit together with a bracket at each end. The design allows for adjustment of the unit to fit the exact width of your vehicle.

There are four different heights available with the ‘feet’ of the TradeRack simply being fitted to the guttering of your vehicle. To ensure clearance of the roof of your vehicle the measurement is taken from the ‘feet’ of the TradeRack to the underside of the bar. Specific sizes can also be manufactured if required, please contact us for more information.

TradeRack sizes:
Small 125mm clearance
Standard 175mm clearance
Medium 245mm clearance
High 305mm clearance

Our Experience

We list these trade quality roof racks because, quite simply, they’re great!

We have experience with these roof racks both from a manufacturing perspective and as a builder with many years in the industry. We know that they are well made, and are the strongest, best and absolutely great value for money.

Originally branded as Autocraft, they now have a new manufacturer but are still made locally in Hawkes Bay.

Trade quality you can rely on to do the job they’re made for day after day, year after year.