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About Trelleborg

Trade racks Trelleborg is a global engineering group who manufacture a range of high quality Agricultural, Forestry and Industrial tyres.

What makes Trelleborg Radial tractor tyres so good?

It is commonly asked what makes Trelleborg radials better than any other radial tyre on the market. There are many unique features to the design of the TM range of Trelleborg radials. Firstly is the multi layer flexible mud breaker design. This patented design differs from any other radials in that between the lugs the rubber is layered to flex so mud cannot adhere to the tread. As the tyre rolls around the carcass flexes which dislodges the mud keeping a clean, open tread. Secondly, the edges of the lugs are chiseled which reduces ground damage especially on smooth grass areas. All Trelleborg TM800 65 series radials have a minimum speed rating of 65 kph (D rating) with many having an optional higher rating of 70 kph (E rating). This is because 65 series tyres are designed for a lot of road work and the majority of today's modern tractors travel at 50 kph plus on the road where the standard 40 kph tyres (A rating) cannot cope with the heat generated. The Trelleborg TM radial range is designed to deliver an extra wide footprint which increases traction and the tractors available torque at the same time minimising ground damage.

Agricultural & Forestry:
Trelleborg is specialized in high performance and technologically advanced tires for all kinds of tractors, from small machines for orchard and vineyard to the most modern vehicle over 350 HP.

For trailer applications Trelleborg has produced the Twin Radial product line, its first implement radial tire perfect for all working conditions and any kind of soil.

Trelleborg is also specialized in cross-ply tires, with a complete range of sizes suitable for all types of farm machinery. This product range includes well-known products such as Twin Forestry, which guarantees extra pull force and optimum grip even without tracks and chains, and Twin Tractor, as well as small tires for lawnmower tractors.

Trade racks Industrial:
Trelleborg is a leading supplier with a wide range of industrial tires for material handling equipment, fork-lifts and other industrial applications.