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Good quality tyres – the best car insurance.

tyre size info We all pay a lot of money to insure our vehicles, and there are strict safety requirements to pass a Warrant of Fitness, but the only thing between your vehicle and the road is your tyres.

Minimum tread requirements are exactly that, a bare minimum. Don’t expect your tyres to perform safely in the wet if they’ll just pass a Warrant, be careful how you drive if your tyres are in this condition!

As well as having properly functioning suspension, brakes, shocks and wheel alignment, we advise you to buy the best tyres you can afford. Robust construction and handling characteristics, good quality compounds used to make the tread and the right tread pattern for the conditions are all things you need to consider when looking to purchase tyres. As well as ensuring that they have sufficient load and speed ratings for the vehicle and loads you may wish to carry.

Don’t expect road tyres to perform well in the snow or on off road conditions, however most off road, or semi off road tyres will handle reasonably well on road, and with wider spaced tread they handle well in the wet. The wider spaced tread blocks also usually mean deeper tread, so they still wear well and give good km’s on road.

For these reasons, TyreShopOnline does not sell ‘budget’ tyres. We believe that the cheapest tyre that will fit your vehicle is not necessarily the best option, as they usually don’t offer the best value. Budget tyres are made on a budget, compromising handling and grip and wear out faster. For the safety and comfort of everyone using our roads, we believe it is important to purchase quality, well made tyres that offer good grip and lasting value.

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